How To Be The Best…

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If you are a boy, this book will teach you how to:
â–º Fight off a crocodile
â–º Rip a phonebook in half
â–º Escape quicksand
â–º Speak in code

But if you are a girl, surely you’d prefer to:
â–º Act like a celebrity
â–º Make your own bubble bath
â–º Give yourself a perfect manicure
â–º Knit with your fingers

Via IntLawGrrls.

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0 Responses to How To Be The Best…

  1. Eric says:

    The faux “old-timey” look and feel of these books is especially insidious — as if to suggest that this sort of flagrant gender typing is merely a quaint relic from a bygone era, rather than a continuing menace in our supposedly “post-feminist” era. We’re thus supposed to enjoy it as “ironic” rather than challenging it as sexist. Feh!