The Chemicals We Ingest

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“Liquid infant formula from the top manufacturers is sold in cans lined with a toxic chemical linked to reproductive disorders and neurobehavioral problems in laboratory animals, according to an investigation by Environmental Working Group (EWG).” More here. Scary.

-Bridget Crawford

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0 Responses to The Chemicals We Ingest

  1. nathanm says:

    I’d defer to the experts on how harmful this chemical is, but for what it’s worth Canada has decided to ban BPA from baby bottles and cans of infant formula.

  2. hysperia says:

    Baby bottles have been banned in Canada. And we have a Conservative government! Have a look here if you’re interested:

    Nevertheless, there is still BPA in cans of infant formula – supposedly the gov. is working with “industry” to get rid of it.

    And adults can still ingest as much as we want – we don’t get enough to harm us? Those nalgen water bottles are “out” though.

    I guess what I take from it is this: if “they” are worried about it AT ALL, WE shouldn’t be using it AT ALL.