“Why gamers need to stop being assholes to feminists if they want to be happy”

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That’s the title of this post at Feminist Gamers. Below is an excerpt:

… We all know that videogames are being scapegoated. But whenever someone offers up a scapegoat, it’s because they’re trying to avoid taking responsibility for the real culprit. The Media-with-a-capital-M has made millions off of the objectification of women (from using half-naked women to sell cheeseburgers to titilating rape-porn on prime-time TV). People raised in our culture are bombarded constantly with the message that women and children are”less than.”Some of us overcome that programming, some don’t, and it expresses it in varying degrees of violence against women and children… sometimes horrifically as we have seen here. These things keep happening : they are not just tidy isolated incidents that can be swept under the rug, and so the media is looking for something to blame and they’re chosing videogames.   …

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