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Yahoo News has an artcle here entitled “Feminists sharply divided between Clinton, Obama.” Make of it what you will. Of course we’ve all noticed some tensions around the election. I think it would be nice if everyone stepped back and thought about advocating for their preferred Democratic President in a way that did not leave the opposition unelectably damaged.

–Ann Bartow

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  1. bob coley jr says:

    Since our elected officials are put in places we think they have the best chance of improving our lives, I would think being a long serving member of Congress would provide more oportunity to impact the fabric of America. While being president for 8 years does give one certain clout, history shows that many have far more influance. Yes, the veto, apointments, and the Bully Pulpit can be used successfuly to affect change, the Checks and Balances of our governmental system require our attention be wider than a single election or candidate. Leaders don’t tell us, they are not rulers. They help us get where we want to go. The genesis of change, therefore, comes not from any elected official, but from inside ourselves. Be wary. Be cool. Look objectivly down the road.