“Justices Favor Workers in Cases of Bias Retaliation”

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Linda Greenhouse report in the NYT:

The Supreme Court on Tuesday adopted a broad reading of two federal civil rights laws to protect employees from retaliation when they complain about discrimination in the workplace.

By margins of 7 to 2 in one case and 6 to 3 in the other, the court found that the two statutes covered claims of retaliation even though Congress did not explicitly say so.

At Workplace Prog Blog Paul Secunda writes:

A very good day from the standpoint of employees.

The Court issued decision in Gomez-Perez v. Potter, 06-1321 (holding (6-3) that Section 633a(a) of the ADEA prohibits retaliation against a federal employee who complains of age discrimination.) and CBOCS West, Inc. v. Humphries, No. 06-1431 (holding (7-2) that Section 1981 encompasses retaliation claims).

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