Outlawing Divorce

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The story of the proposed “marriage” amendment to the Pennsylvania constitution gets even stranger, as a state senator from Philadelphia is attempting to add a provision to the bill containing the proposed constitutional amendment that would outlaw most divorces in Pennsylvania. (The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story is here.) The senator’s argument for outlawing most divorces: If the purpose of the proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage is to protect “traditional” marriage, then the next logical step to protect “traditional” marriage is to curtail the availability of divorce. Naturally, there is no chance that this proposal will make it into the bill, but the senator plans on using it as a springboard for attacking the proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages (and civil unions, domestic partnerships, etc.).

-Anthony C. Infanti

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0 Responses to Outlawing Divorce

  1. There are many reasons I’m happy Vince Fumo isn’t going to be my state senator after this year. But, for stunts like this, I’ll miss the guy.

  2. Eric says:

    Stories like this remind me why we used to say, of Vince Fumo, “Sure, he’s a crooked asshole, but he’s our crooked asshole”. Sometimes I really miss Philly and Pennsylvania.

  3. Ann Bartow says:

    Me too! I’ll probably retire there. In about 40 years, when I can afford to retire.