“Real Life Affirmative Action for Boys”

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That’s the title of this interesting essay at Fannie’s Room. Note also that the author is a contributor to an amusing site with an ongoing Stuff Lesbians Like series.

UPDATE: See also this post at Feministing, which notes:

aauwreport.jpgA new report (pictured at right) from the American Association of University Women says that the idea that there’s a “boy crisis” in U.S. education is a myth.

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0 Responses to “Real Life Affirmative Action for Boys”

  1. ebuz says:

    The AAUW study points out that while more women are entering college than men, if you only compare people who are matriculating directly from high school, the numbers are roughly equal.

    Arguments that male college students deserve affirmative action are inappropriate because men aren’t losing out — it’s just that more female college students of “nontraditionally age” are finally getting the eduction that discrimination kept them from starting when they were 18.

  2. fannie says:

    Thanks for the shoutout. As a regular reader of Feminist Law Profs, I’m honored :-)

  3. Ann Bartow says:

    Well, you have a great blog!