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Bloggers at Hoyden About Town, an eclectic, Australia-based feminist blog, have bestowed their  Femmostroppo Awards for the best blog posts of 2007.  No, correct that.  It is not a list of “best” feminist blog posts, but a list of what the folks at Hoyden About Town call:

 â€œStuff we feel encapsulates and exemplifies the feministic and stroppolicious nature of the hoyden”. Or,”Writing we like”.”What the Hoydenizens like to read.”These are some of the posts that stuck in our minds; the post that made us think; the posts we referred back to; the posts that made a difference.

The description may be a little obtuse for the non-Aussies among us, but some of the linked posts are really good.

-Bridget Crawford

P.S. From the blog itself, “hoyden” = “a woman of saucy, boisterous or carefree behavior.”

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