Surprising “Fox News” Error

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  1. LB says:

    This is so telling. Clearly race was on the program’s graphic designer’s mind. But, I also must say, I wouldn’t be surprised if the young person assigned to design the logo for the show was actually never taught about the Lincoln-Douglas debates and never knew there was another Douglas. We do such a poor job of educating our younger people about our history, particularly with respect to race. But you would have thought that some “higher-up” might have noticed!
    While this is little consolation, I do admit to liking the idea that someone thought that Frederick Douglass was the Douglas engaged in public, historical debates with Lincoln that are a core part of our nation’s political history. I wonder what our country would be like if Frederick Douglass had become President (as a later consequence of the Lincoln-Douglass debates) or had been Lincoln’s Vice-President or if he had won in the election when he ran for VP with Victoria Woodhull when she ran for President in 1872. Just think … We wouldn’t be having all the discourse today in American politics about the “appropriateness” of candidates based on gender and race. It would be “old news” — been there, done that.