“Workplace Flexibility Correlates with More Women and Minorities in Workplace”

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That’s the title of a post at Workplace Prog Blog that reports:

The Institute for Workplace Studies (IWS) at Cornell Industrial & Labor Relations brings to our attention the latest edition of a study of U.S. workplaces on flexible workplaces.

[The study] finds that employers with more women and more minorities in top positions, and nonprofits organizations, are more likely to offer flexible workplaces. These are just two of the significant findings to emerge from the landmark 2008 National Study of Employers (NSE), released today by Families and Work Institute . . . .

First conducted in 1998, the 2008 NSE is the most comprehensive and far-reaching study of initiatives provided by U.S. employers to address the changing needs of today’s workforce. Designed by Families and Work Institute and conducted by Harris Interactive, Inc., the NSE interviewed 1,100 employers with 50 or more employees located throughout the United States and provides trend data on changes that have occurred over the past 10 years.

–Ann Bartow

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