Media Matters Notices Maureen Dowd Uses Gender Pejoratively

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From here:

Media Matters for America review of Maureen Dowd’s columns since the beginning of 2007 reveals that Dowd frequently characterized Sen. Hillary Clinton as masculine, while portraying Sen. Barack Obama and John Edwards as feminine. By contrast, Dowd rarely feminized the all-male Republican field and, during the period Media Matters reviewed, has never feminized Sen. John McCain, whom she has referred to in one column as a “tough guy[].”

Does this mean Media Matters no longer thinks she is “progressive”? And will Supposedly Liberal bloggers like Digby and Atrios stop doing the same exact thing, finally? . (Digby or Dowd? Guess who it is first and then click here to read someone referring to the DC press corps as”catty little …snots”who”squealed like schoolgirls,”and”spite girls”who”missed their fast times at DC High.”)

–Ann Bartow

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