“The Most Ridiculous Girl Gadgets”

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Link to NPR story by this name here. At Jezebel Jessica Grose notes that gadgets that are marketed to women are usually “cute” and “pink.” There is nothing wrong with the color pink per se, but it sure facilitates the commoditized Othering of women.

–Ann Bartow

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  1. Samquilla says:

    I recently had an epiphany about women’s razors. I used my husband’s razor and it was SO MUCH BETTER than any women’s razor I’d ever used. I felt really stupid for being so influenced by advertisers that I needed to have a pink or blue or sparkly green razor that I never just bought a men’s razor. They are practical, they are not all kinds of weird shapes, and they’re just better. I mean, why does a razor need to be “curvy”? The long, stick straight handle of my male-marketed razor works BETTER for getting at my ankles, etc. All women’s razors that I’ve seen (the relatively good ones, not the 20 cent BIC ones) are curvy. And it makes no sense.