CFP – Conflict and Transitional Justice: Feminist Approaches

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Conflict and Transitional Justice: Feminist Approaches, September 19-20, 2008 Emory University School of Law. Sponsored by: The Feminism and Legal Theory Project.

Truth Commissions and other forms of transitional justice have become ubiquitous as a mechanism for societies emerging from long years of conflict to move into a post-conflict era. From South Africa to Liberia, from Greensville South Carolina, USA, to Northern Ireland, we see both formal and informal processes of transitional justice at work. However, rarely is the process critiqued through a feminist lens. Do these”traditional”forms of reconciliation help or hinder women’s position in societies from repression or conflict? This workshop asks how a focus on women’s security and women’s ideas about peace, justice and security might further the conversation about transitional justice, conflict and post-conflict societies.

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