“Liquid Virgin”

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Contains alum, which is the ingredient found in persimmons that makes one pucker up. It’s also used in pickle brine.   I’m not a doctor, but I’d guess that probably douching with a jar of pickles would induce the same physiological effect, which is that your private parts will sting and attempt to shut down in protest. If any man suggests you use this, one word of advice: Run!

–Ann Bartow

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0 Responses to “Liquid Virgin”

  1. hysperia says:

    There are several reasons a woman might want a “tightened vagina”. One is for her own heightened pleasure – this is a personal issue – and the other is that strong pelvic floor muscles are seriously wonderful things to have as we get older – prevents bladder leakage. I highly recomment kegel exercises for both. They’re a little pleasurable in themselves and you don’t have to share them with a man if you don’t want to. And they’re completely “natural”. Wackaloon pickle juice? Nasty.