On Backlash

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Katha Pollitt says backlash against feminism is “crackling up a storm”. Kira Cochrane says the same thing is happening in the UK. And Dodai at Jezebel writes:

Here’s a fun exercise: Think of 5 celebrities you love, and 5 celebs you hate. Now: Are all of the stars you despise women? Meanwhile, abortion rights are in trouble, recorded rapes are at an all-time high (though the number rape crisis centers has declined) and the sex industry : hookers, strippers and internet porn : is booming. As long as you’re a woman marketing yourself to or serving a man, you’re A-OK. So. Are we experiencing a feminism backlash? Does our culture hate, degrade and vilify women? Do we, as women, hate ourselves? And if the answers are all yes, what can we do about it?

–Ann Bartow

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