Why Zuska Needs To Keep Blogging

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Over at Thus Spake Zuska, Zuska decided to cull from her comments all the reasons she has been told she should not blog. Below are a few of them:

You’re ugly.
You’re old and ugly.
You need to get laid.
You’re old and ugly and you’ll never get laid.

I’m a woman, and I’ve never experienced any discrimination, so you must be wrong.
I’m a man, and I don’t know anyone who’s experienced discrimination, so you must be wrong.
I’m a woman, and I never experienced any discrimination, and besides once a female scientist was MEAN to me!
It’s just hostility in general, not sexism.
There’s no disparity in treatment; everyone is equally under-encouraged.
Science is rough. Women need to learn how to take it.
Scientists aren’t the worst offenders.
No need to worry, eventually sexism will just disappear
Alas, sexism is evolutionarily predetermined.
Boys and girls are just different. You can’t fight biology.

Every day Zuska endures this kind of abuse and continues to post, speaking truth to assholes, she makes life easier and better for the rest of us.

–Ann Bartow

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