North Dakota Law Review Criticized for Anti-Same-Sex-Marriage Issue

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A column in the Fargo-Moorhead Forum begins:

Attorneys around the state were shocked to see the content of the most recent edition of the North Dakota Law Review, a symposium issue focused on family law, in which all but one of seven pieces [the student note on another topic] attacks same-sex marriage. Before entering a moral debate, let’s clarify that same-sex marriage isn’t exactly the issue here. The problem is a scholarly legal journal filling an entire publication with one side of an argument. Not to mention the dubious level of scholarship contained therein.

To see our state’s only legal journal dominated by narrow, ultra-conservative viewpoints is one thing. To see it absent of any opposing viewpoint whatsoever is appalling. And to see it absent of diligent, true scholarship is frankly disappointing.

I don’t know what’s more surprising: that a law review would publish an entire issue devoted to criticizing same-sex marriage, or that the local paper is interested in the contents of a law review!

–Erin Buzuvis

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0 Responses to North Dakota Law Review Criticized for Anti-Same-Sex-Marriage Issue

  1. Ann Bartow says:

    Looks like every single one of those articles was written by a man, too. This would be one of those rare times when the underrepresentation of women makes me happy!