Upcoming Feminism and Legal Theory Project Events

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More information on the following events will be available as the dates approach.

Conflict and Transitional Justice: Feminist Approaches

September 19-20, 2008.
Emory University Gambrell Hall
Truth Commissions and other forms of transitional justice have become ubiquitous as a mechanism for societies emerging from long years of conflict to move into a post-conflict era. From South Africa to Liberia, from Greensville South Carolina, USA, to Northern Ireland, we see both formal and informal processes of transitional justice at work. However, rarely is the process critiqued through a feminist lens. Do these”traditional”forms of reconciliation help or hinder women’s position in societies from repression or conflict? This workshop asks how a focus on women’s security and women’s ideas about peace, justice and security might further the conversation about transitional justice, conflict and post-conflict societies.

Transcending the Boundaries of Law: Feminism and Legal Theory’s 25th anniversary conference

November 6-8, 2008
Jones Room, Emory University Library

It is hard to believe that the FLT project begins its 25th year in 2008! To celebrate we are planning a major interdisciplinary conference on November 6-8, 2008 involving world renowned feminist scholars who presented papers at FLT events early in their careers, as well as their former students and many others who have made a significant impact to feminist theory throughout the first quarter century of the project. We have also secured Routledge as the publisher for an anthology of the papers from the conference entitled Transcending the Boundaries of Law. Routledge published the first ever anthology on feminist theory, At the Boundaries of Law, which was edited by Martha.

Rickie Sollinger Exhibits on Class and Vulnerability

January 15-March 12, 2009.
Schatten Gallery, Robert W. Woodruff Library, Emory University.

The Feminism and Legal Theory Project is pleased to host two exhibits on class, motherhood, and vulnerability curated by historian Rickie Sollinger.

Interrupted Life: Incarcerated Mothers in the United States is comprised of eight linked installation pieces representing a dramatic display of painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography that documents the experiences of women incarcerated in the U.S. Several of the pieces are from the inmates themselves. The exhibit is a powerful commentary on imprisonment; the emotional impact incarceration has on families, and the stigma generated by incarceration.

Beggars and Choosers: Motherhood is Not a Class Privilege in America consists of sixty photographic images that challenge the idea that motherhood should be a privilege accorded only to those who are privileged in society. These images show the complexity of motherhood for women who are considered too young, too poor, too ethnic, or otherwiseare considered”unfit”to be mothers by many in mainstream America. The exhibit shows these”unqualified”women practicing motherhood with both dignity and strength.

Public Opening Reception
3:00 – 5:00 p.m., January 25, 2009

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