“What Women Want”

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According to a  recent poll by the National Women’s Law Center, women feel the impact of economic insecurity and rising food, energy, education, and health care costs more deeply than men – and see government as a key to the solution.

Women want:

For more details  on the poll, read NWLC’s press release, the  fact sheet,  or the  complete Interested Parties memo on the poll results.

A Platform for Progress

The National Women’s Law Center also released A Platform for Progress – an agenda to address the unmet needs of women and their families in the areas of education, employment, economic security, health, and legal rights.

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  1. bob coley jr says:

    These concerns should be adressed as quickly as possible. The health of civilization should not be framed by gender. Any resistance to complete equality requires that someone get a bigger piece of the pie. Assuming all who participate, in any way, to the wellbeing of the organism are equal in need is the first step. The second step is the removal of the ability to gain and then hoarde privilege. This second factor allows privilege to be doled out rather than earned.