Gender and Wage Disparity in the Legal Profession

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From the ABA Journal, and blogged already by Ann (here):

The highest earners in 2007 were men in legal occupations, who earned a median salary in 2007 of $105,233, according to a Census Bureau report.

The online  report  issued in August shows women in legal occupations, which includes paralegal as well as lawyer positions, didn’t fare as well. Their median salary was $53,790. As a whole women in computer and mathematical professions earned more, with a median salary of $61,957.

The full ABA Journal article is available here.  You can read the details about the Census Bureau’s methodology, etc.  You can try to paint a rosier picture.  You can see the glass half full, blah blah blah.  But I haven’t heard much discussion of this news.  What sense are law students, lawyers and law professors making of this news?  Are we collectively too too depressed to discuss it?  Is the “news” not really news?    

-Bridget Crawford

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0 Responses to Gender and Wage Disparity in the Legal Profession

  1. Ann Bartow says:

    I haven’t gotten around to blogging it yet, but another study I saw shows that male paralegals earn more than female paralegals, even though it is a “female dominated” profession.

  2. uccellina says:

    Well, this female paralegal wishes she were surprised, but she ain’t.

  3. Francine Lipman says:

    These figures probably understate the gap given this recent exposure regarding a male lawyer’s very likely unreported barter income . . .

    Any thoughts on the tax implications of this unreported income Bridget and Tony and others? Given that the sexual assault was for some reason not pursued maybe the IRS and Illinois taxing authorities should send this attorney a letter inquiring about his tax deficiencies. . .

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