Sarah Palin’s Beauty Pageant Video

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Egalia at Tennessee Guerilla Women points how here that blogs linking to Sarah Palin’s 1984 beauty pageant swimsuit competition are attempting to trivialize her for doing something traditionally feminine when she was young, using this HuffPo piece as an example. Of course the odious Daily Kos is all over this as well. Actually one of the bloggers at Kos manages to ramp up the sexism an additional notch by comparing Palin to this then teenaged South Carolinian, who certainly gave an oddly rambling and incoherent answer to an interview question during a beauty pageant, but who, last I checked, was not running for political office. And, it should be noted, who turned out to be fairly poised and mature in the face of aggressive widespread mockery.

–Ann Bartow

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0 Responses to Sarah Palin’s Beauty Pageant Video

  1. Eric says:

    UGH!!!! So I finally saw the Sarah Palin pageant clip. I’d expected that at least it might have shown her saying something nonsensical, which might have provided some slender reed of relevance (though I shudder to think what a video clip of me from 1984 might look like and would hate to think anyone would take it into consideration in assessing my fitness for anything a quarter-century later!). But no, it’s just her walking on a stage in a swimsuit. There really is no conceivable reason for anyone to post that now other than to be demeaning. With “allies” like the Kossacks, who needs adversaries?!

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