“India’s female detectives track down Internet cheats”

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An interesting overview of how the Internet is affecting marriages in India from here:

However splendid everything appeared about his daughter’s prospective husband, something in the pit of her father’s stomach told him that something was wrong. The groom-to-be seemed upright and deeply religious – which was important to the Sikh family – but still, there was something amiss.

Eventually, the anxious father turned to the professionals. He called a private detective, Taralika Lahiri, and asked her to look into the young man’s background. It was just as well he did. “We took the job and sent our people. To our horror we discovered that the man was living with his wife and two daughters. He was already married,” said Ms Lahiri. “He had proposed to the girl at the same time. The young man was looking to get some dowry. He was cheating the father and the daughter in order to get money.”

In India’s rapidly changing society, Ms Lahiri is one of a growing number of female private detectives who specialise in so-called “matrimonial investigations”. As the manner in which India’s middle-classes meet their spouses is changing – now it is often over the internet – there has been a surge in demand for reliable information about prospective partners. …

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