More Coverage of the FBI Freeing Sex Trafficked Children, But Arresting Likely Victims Over 18

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From CNN:

… In the three-day operation, which began Thursday night, the FBI, along with local and state law enforcement agencies, took the 46 girls and one boy — all of them U.S. citizens ages 13 to 17 — into protective custody.

“Operation Cross Country II” involved efforts in 29 cities and resulted in the arrest of 73 pimps and 518 adult prostitutes, the FBI said.

Those arrested could face federal or state charges, depending on their alleged activities.

FBI Deputy Director John Pistole said some of the alleged sex traffickers were working in networks of six to 10 pimps.

“Sex trafficking of children remains one of our most violent and unconscionable crimes in this country,” he told reporters.

Authorities said some of the alleged prostitutes were found at casinos and truck stops. Others were advertised on the Internet. …

Those “adults” were under the control of pimps, so at least some of them are likely to have been in a coercive situation.   Arresting them is counterproductive and cruel. See previous post about this here.

–Ann Bartow

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