Welcome to the Blogosphere, Constitutional Law Profs

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Feminist Law Profs Nareissa Smith (Florida Coastal) and Ruthann Robson (CUNY), together with Steven Schwinn (John Marshall), have launched the Constitutional Law Prof Blog.  Here’s an excerpt from their announcement:  

We are proud to announce a new blog.   The Constitutional Law Prof Blog is the newest member of the Law Professor Blogs Network, sponsored by Thompson West.  ***  

Our blog began on October 5, 2008.   In that short time, we have already logged 907 visitors.   We hope you will join our readership as well.  

While there are a number of blogs that discuss Supreme Court news and related issues, this blog is unique in its focus on making teaching and scholarship easier for the constitutional law professor.   Moreover, we do not limit our reach to the Supreme Court.     We address issues of constitutional law arising in Congress, the executive branch, lower federal courts, state and local courts, and anywhere else they may occur.  

Readers of the blog will be treated to book reviews, analysis, research, and much more.     Regular features include:

  •  The Sunday Reader – a look at legal scholarship you may want to incorporate into your teaching or scholarship
  •  The Saturday Evening Review – an analysis of law review articles that are useful in teaching con law concepts  
  •  The Teaching Assistant – a compilation of stories from around the web that raise constitutional law issues

Please visit the blog and spread the word!

Welcome to the blogosphere, Constitutional Law Profs!

-Bridget Crawford

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