Does this make you want to become an organ donor?

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Here’s what the text says:“Becoming a donor is probably your only chance to get inside her.”


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  1. karen says:

    Wow… not only does this totally objectify her body, it also implies some form of penetration of organ recipients. The idea that if this woman ever needs an organ transplant, she will have been ‘gotten inside of’ implies some sort of sexual accomplishment on behalf of the donor, and equally a sense of sexual submission on behalf of the woman. She obviously doesn’t want said organ donor ‘inside her’, in the sexual way, yet don’t worry organ donor, you can do it anyways. This add totally plays on the perceived sexual vulnerability of women and the assumed predatory nature of men. Let’s take any chance to ‘get inside her’, even if she doesn’t want it, and even if it means taking advantage of her medical condition. Organ donation is admirable, but we should also be trying to empower organ recipients, not imply that they are some passive and docile sexual entitites, who by virtue of receiving an organ have been ‘gotten inside of’.