“A video conversation with civil rights leaders”

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Featuring the fabulous Veronica Arreola! Here at this site, which notes:

In the aftermath of President-elect Barack Obama’s historic win, many commentators have said it will take time to understand the full significance of his ascendance to the presidency.

To find out what civil rights experts think about the meaning of the election, listen to these video conversations with four leaders who are involved in efforts to move civil rights forward.

These leaders work to advance civil rights for specific groups of people – African-Americans, women, Latinos, and gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people – but they say gains for one group benefit everyone.

The videos are great, but it is kind of unfortunate that the project positions men as speaking on behalf of African Americans, Latina/os and LGBT folks, while the only female speaker speaks about, wait for it, women. Still, all the folks are very worth hearing, especially Veronica.

–Ann Bartow

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