“The latest false woman-dividing dichotomy”

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Thought provoking essay by this title here, at Screaming Into the Void. Below is a short excerpt:

… Women who succeed in sticking to the good girl definitions of the earlier parts of the 1900s by repressing their sinful sexual desires, waiting till marriage, never straying, never saying naughty things, being appropriately shocked when hearing naughty things said, keeping a spotlessly clean house, not getting a job and devoting their lives to their children in the end were mocked for being frigid, ignorant, fearful, intolerant, religiously fundamentalist, obsessive compulsive to the point of having given their children”complexes”, cold-hearted, domineering, and are used as the symbol of repressiveness that must be overthrown to enable the young (men) to properly express themselves. “Blue haired old ladies”and”Church ladies”are somehow reframed as the primary agents of anti-free speech oppression and the creators of all onerous and ridiculous laws, despite their lack of political or religious representation – old dried up bitches who never had an orgasm and do nothing but complain and ruin everything for everyone else. When competing under men’s terms, women always lose. Even when you win, you lose. …

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  1. bob coley jr says:

    I would imagine, after reading the post at SITV, there is nothing I can do or say that shows that not all people subscribe to the “with us or against us” view. Some people see the road ahead, some do not. This quotation from Taj Mahal falls way short of cuttting the BS, but may move the conversation into the realm of posable enlightenment and positive advance toward the light of equality. Not everyone falls into a trap, especialy if one is aware of traps in general. All must be aware of ALL kinds of traps before choosing a path, and be ready to be duck if one chooses unwisely.
    “I don’t care what in the world that YOU do, as long as you do what you say your go’n to. Ain’t nobody’s business but your own.”

  2. bob coley jr says:

    your should be you’re. Hey! I’m a Feeb.