“Condemned men are buried in sand up to their waists, and women up to their necks, and are pelted with stones until they die or manage to escape. Under the law, a condemned person’s life is spared if he can free himself.”

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That’s a sentence from this WaPo article about stonings in Iran. Men have a lot better odds of escaping, obviously, though it’s still horrifying. The article also reports:

In his weekly news conference, the judicial spokesman also said that Esha Momeni, an Iranian American student at California State University at Northridge who was detained in October, will not be allowed to leave the country for at least another month, saying “a new issue has turned up in her case.” He did not specify the issue.

Momeni was arrested after conducting video interviews with activists for her master’s thesis on women’s rights. Authorities accused her of “propagating against the system.” She was released in November after paying $200,000 bail but was not allowed to leave Iran.

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