Don’t Most of Us Wish…

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This CNN article asserts that law professors (Number 14 on the list of “Jobs with under 40-hour work weeks”) work an average of 35.2 hours per week and 1664 hours each year, and earn $158,353.   To which I reply: No, no, and not even close. Okay, there are law professors who work 35 hours or less at the job each week, using the rest of their time to do consulting work or who knows what, and there is a special institutional expression that describes them: “arguments against tenure.” And there are law professors who earn $158,353, most at far wealthier law schools than mine, and disproportionately few of them female.

–Ann Bartow

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0 Responses to Don’t Most of Us Wish…

  1. Tony Infanti says:

    Amen. I still work just as much as I did as an attorney in New York City (just ask my partner). The only real difference between working in NYC as an attorney and being a law professor is that I have more control over how I allocate all of those hours that I work and that I research and write about what I want, rather than what others want.

  2. Ann Bartow says:

    Oh, I very much love my job too, I just can’t do it in 35 hours per week, not even close :>)