House Passes Lilly Ledbetter Act (and More!)

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Yesterday, the House passed the two bills — one that overturns the Supreme Court’s 2007 decision in Ledbetter v. Goodyear and the other that expands opportunities to sue under the Equal Pay Act.   More analysis later in the weekend (or early next week), but this is obviously a very welcome act by Congress, one that will no doubt be signed by President Obama once presented to him.   My one concern — Congress should add language to cover what I think will be another bad decision that is forthcoming in AT&T v. Hulteen.   The case presents a very similar issue to Ledbetter, but last time I checked, the language of the Ledbetter bill might not cover the Hulteen case.   (That is, provided of course, that the Court doesn’t rule in Hulteen’s favor based on the current state of the law.)

– David S. Cohen

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