“Obama Phenomena: Facets of a Historic Campaign.”

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The University of Denver Law Review is pleased to announce the release of a special symposium edition, “Obama Phenomena: Facets of a Historic Campaign.”Co-sponsored by the University of Denver Sturm College of Law and Suffolk University School of Law, the symposium brought together a diverse, inter-generational group of scholars to offer their views on President Barack Obama’s history-making campaign.

View the special symposium edition here. You will find links to the following articles:

Half-Full, Half-Empty? Asian American Electoral”Presence”in 2008 by Keith Aoki and Bob Chang

Race, Class, and The Obama Tax Plan, by Dorothy A. Brown

Hate Messages in Election 2008 Commercial Paraphernalia, by Jane Caputi

Retracing the Steps in a Historic Election, by Jeffrey M. Chemerinsky and Kimberly C. Kisabeth

Our First Unisex President?: Black Masculinity and Obama’s Feminine Side, by Frank Rudy Cooper

God-Talk in the Age of Obama: Theology and Religious Political Engagement, by Charlton Copeland

From Domain Names to Video Games: The Rise of the Internet in Presidential Politics, by Jacqueline Lipton

Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Obama: Performing Gender, Race, and Class on the Campaign Trail, by Ann C. McGinley

The Courts Under President Obama, by Scott Moss

Racial Paradox and Eclipse: Obama as Balm for What Ails Us, by Camille Nelson

Post-Racialism or Targeted Universalism?, by john a. powell

Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln, and John Dewey, by Susan Schulten

A Cautionary Tale: The Obama Coalition, Anti-subordination Principles and Prop 8, by Catherine Smith and Jennifer Holladay

The First (Black) Lady, by Verna Williams

–Catherine Smith

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