Mindbugs: The Psychology of Ordinary Prejudice February 13, 2009 – Boston, MA (ABA Midyear Meeting)

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Mindbugs: The Psychology of Ordinary Prejudice

Speaker: Professor Mahzarin Banaji, Richard Clarke Cabot Professor of Social Ethics, Department of Psychology, Harvard University

Prejudiced? Of course, we all are. Though we may believe that our own views are not affected by stereotypes or bias, the reality is surprisingly different.

This highly participatory discussion will be led by the renowned Harvard Professor Mahzarin Banaji, who will educate us on the effects of implicit and unconscious biases on all members of the legal profession. These subtle biases influence how we perceive our clients and witnesses, interact with other attorneys and judges and attempt to persuade juries. On a day to day basis, they even affect how we make decisions on hiring, work distribution, evaluations, promotions and layoffs.

Professor Banaji conducted groundbreaking research on mental processes that operate without our awareness, intention or control. Biases can actually be measured, as Professor Banaji co-developed the Implicit Association Test nearly a decade ago. This highly regarded test, as well as physiologic measures, can help us to understand how we view each other. Audience capacity for this must-see program is limited.

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