Rutgers Symposium, “The Gender Dimensions of Terrorism: How Terrorism Impacts the Lives of Women”

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This announcement from Feminist Law Prof Suzanne Kim:

On March 6, 2009, the Women’s Rights Law Reporter, the nation’s first legal  journal devoted to gender rights, will hold a symposium exploring the  intersections of gender and terrorism entitled “The Gender Dimensions of
Terrorism: How Terrorism Impacts the Lives of Women.”   The Symposium will  feature a morning keynote from Susan Herman, President of the ACLU, and  Karima Bennoune, Rutgers Law School professor and visiting professor at the
University of Michigan Law School. The Symposium is free and open to the  public and will take place at the Rutgers Center for Law and Criminal  Justice, 123 Washington St., Newark, NJ 07102.

The Symposium will also include three panel discussions: one discussing the  many definitions of terrorism and seeking to create a broader definition to  guide discussion throughout the day, followed by two panels discussing the  impact of terrorism on Women.   One of these panels will discuss terrorism’s  impact on women’s human rights, the other the ways in which women  participate in terrorism.

Panelists discussing a new definition of terrorism will include Tom Parker,  Director, Terrorism, Counterterrorism and Human Rights, Amnesty  International USA, Beverly Gage, Assistant Professor, U.S. History, Yale  University, Vince Warren, Executive Director, Center for Constitutional  Rights, and Ahmed Bulbulia, Professor of Law, Seton Hall University,  discussing a new definition of terrorism.   Panelists discussing how  terrorism impacts women’s human rights will include Rhonda Copelon,  Professor of Law, CUNY School of Law, Jasmin Zine, Associate Professor,  Department of Sociology, Wilfrid Laurier University, Amina Jama, Professor  of Sociology, Ryerson University, and Dr. Maliha Chishti, Professor, Wilfrid  Laurier University.   The final panel, on women participating in Terror, will  feature Dr. Mia Bloom, author of *Dying to Kill:   The Allure of Suicide  Terror*, Dr. Margaret Gonzalez-Perez, Professor, Political Science,  Southeastern Louisiana University, Paige Eager, Professor, Hood College, and  Farhana Ali, International Policy Analyst, RAND Corporation  The *Reporter* strongly encourages those interested in the terrorism and how  it affects women to attend.  

Please RSVP by emailing   Those interested can also visit here  for more information.

Lots of good programming happening at Rutgers, Newark.  Thanks, Suzanne!

-Bridget Crawford

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