“Speech, Privacy, and the Internet: The University and Beyond”

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A conference devoted to an interdisciplinary discussion of the legal and ethical issues posed by the new ways in which privacy can be invaded was convened at the University of Chicago Law School last November. You can watch streaming video of Larry Lessig’s keynote here.

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1 Response to “Speech, Privacy, and the Internet: The University and Beyond”

  1. bob coley jr says:

    Another briliant and enlightening talk by Prof. Lessig. Most of which I totaly agreed with but in what might be seen by many as an insignific point, I find his constant refferal to “THE” government as oposed to “OUR” or “A” government as revealing why we are in such chaos. We are the government. If our government can’t be trusted that would mean WE can’t be trusted. If WE can’t be trusted, then automaticities must be inplace to guard us against our own untrustworthyness. This would seem to be the origin of law. Not the protection of special interests or the meading out of privilege or reward. The technology of civilization has no self-determination, no purpose of it’s own. People determine how something is used. The isssue of privacy, social equality and such, as Prof. Lessig intamates, is one of a delicate balance made more dificult by technology, not erased by it. We must work hard to put in place such laws, as the ones for women, children, etc., that regard humans as the ultamate beneficiaries of protection. The use of much of the rule of law is for some other purpose than equality, morphed if you will. The Nets are like any technology. It can be used for good, bad, or both. It is up to us to execise wisdom deciding which is which. In this repect, or context, we must see to it that good results come about. *We decide what is real and what is an illusion.* One sees the potential for positive change or downfall in this latest advance in tech. Much as the first time someone saw a loose rock and fought with themselves as to whether or not to bash in the neigbors head and steal their food rather than doing the work themselves. Buck-up people and pick your own berries and stop worrying. JUST DO THE WORK!

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