The Global Arc of Justice Conference, March 11 – 14th in Los Angeles

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The International Lesbian and Gay Law Association is working with the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy to put on The Global Arc of Justice: Sexual Orientation Law Around the World March 11-14, and it is bringing in lawyers, judges, academics, and activists from around the planet.   There will be a supreme court justice from Nepal, two openly gay national high court justices (from Australia and Venezuela), a former president of the European parliament, and lots of other interesting people speaking at the conference, including programming on Saturday devoted to couple and marriage recognition including a panel specifically focusing on marriage in California.

Topics covered at the Global Arc of Justice Conference will include international efforts to advance legal recognition for same sex couples; the repeal of sodomy laws in former British Colonies; efforts by national governments to end homophobia and advance LGBT equality; implementation of the Yogyakarta Principles in litigation strategies and legal scholarship; and advancement of the rights of transgender people. Conference activities will include strategy working groups, paper presentations, plenary sessions, and various networking opportunities and celebrations.

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