Ariel Levy Update

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  1. bob coley jr says:

    There seems to be way more reasons for the inability to reach a Utopian world order than expressed in the linked to posts. I have been a long-time dreamer that a Utopia was in our future, but. Living in Oneida Co. the story of the Oneida Comunity is welll known to me. As are many others. Those that SAY they exist in a world that disregards what others wish for themselves or civilization or separate from others appear not viable in the context of true freedom and tolerence. Hermits die alone. The rest of us must share our lives with people beyond ourselves so differing wants, experiences, and abilities must be acounted for. The world is not one size fits all. So Utopia would be how we treat each other, not how we treat ourselves.
    “Listen to the Icon…each in a world of their own design…listen to the Icon…shining in the light of eternal mind”
    Tod Rundgren from the albun UTOPIA

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