“Images of Masculinity in Disney Films”

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One Response to “Images of Masculinity in Disney Films”

  1. xapa says:

    While this piece is interesting and I’m no Disney apologist, I think the presenter missed the point a bit by focusing on the character of Gaston in Beauty & the Beast. Gaston is not the hero of the film – he is rejected repeatedly by the heroine and is portrayed as a caricature of masculinity, a buffoon. While the finale of the movie (as I remember it) does climax with a fight between Gaston and the Beast, the main focus of the story is the emotional development of the Beast and the development of a caring relationship between the Beast and Belle. As the presenter mentions, a whole other conversation may be had about the message that sends to girls/women — but, as it pertains to boys/men, it seems that this is already a positive step.

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