Not a Pleasant Tall Tale

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Somebody sent me a link to a funny, innocuous YouTube clip today. After the clip finished I noticed a video recommendation in the sidebar billed as depicting a very tall woman. The clip, which appeared to be some sort of newscast, was not in English, but most of the comments were. Here are a few choice examples:

“Her vagina must be huge.”
“She’s built! What a Body & Ass!”
“Dude.. I would hit that..”
“shes tall, but shes normal like a 5 foot 8 girl, so thats hot. im a man, and i must admit i am very curious how it would feel to have sex with her.let me just whip out my banana and see what i can do… : )”
“She isn’t that tall. I bet you could still stick a baseball bat up her ass though. How come they never show that on the discovery channel? Or how big her shits are?”

And then there was this charming colloquy:

“do tall girls have a bigger vagina? O_o?”
“of course… a much bigger one!”
“so they also have a bigger anus, better for their first anal! :D”

There are comparable videos about tall men, but while the comments contain speculation about genital size, in general they are a lot milder and substantially less sexualized. No matter what the context, it seems like women get more online abuse.

–Ann Bartow

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