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Blog for Fair Pay - April 28, 2009

Today is “Blog For Fair Pay Day 2009,” coordinated by the National Women’s Law Center.

For feminist law profs who don’t work at public institutions where salary info is public, don’t forget about Guidestar.  It is a website that contains lots of useful information —    including tax returns — for and about    all sorts of nonprofit organizations.  Want to know the top 5 most highly compensated individuals at your university?  The Internal Revenue Service Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax  will reveal the secrets.

As an aside, I do admit  that the whole Blog-for-Fair-Pay-Day seems a bit slacktivist to me.  I am convinced by Alison Stein’s argument  (here)  that blogging is a feminist method, but blogging still feels less cathartic than marching.  Maybe that’s my GenX ambivalence showing.

-Bridget Crawford

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