Congratulations, Danielle Citron!

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Congratulations to Danielle Citron on receiving tenure at the University of Maryland School of Law!  

Her publications include”Law’s Expressive Value in Combating Cyber Gender Harassment,”108  Michigan Law Review  (forthcoming), “Cyber Civil Rights,” 89  Boston University Law Review  61 (2009), “Open Code Governance,”  University of Chicago Legal Forum  (forthcoming 2008);”Technological Due Process,”85  Washington University Law Review  1249 (2008);”Reservoirs of Danger: The Evolution of Public and Private Law at the Dawn of the Information Age,”80  Southern California Law Review  241 (2007); and”Minimum Contacts in a Borderless World: Voice over Internet Protocol and the Coming Implosion of Personal Jurisdiction Theory,”39  U.C. Davis Law Review  1481 (2006).  

Danielle’s a great teacher and an all-around friendly, wonderful Feminist Law Prof colleague.  Congratulations, Danielle!

-Bridget Crawford

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