Dr. George Tiller Murdered

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I wish I could label this an unbelievably tragic event, but it’s all too believable, unfortunately.   Today, Dr. George Tiller was murdered while ushering at his church.

If you don’t know of Dr. Tiller, he’s one of the modern day heroes of the reproductive rights movement.   Countless women all over the country have turned to him when there was literally no other place in the United States they could go to get the health care they needed.   He never flinched, despite all the protests, threats, vandalism, and prosecutions.   It was going to take death to stop him, and tragically that came today from a bullet rather than from natural causes.

All who believe in reproductive justice are in mourning today.   Younger doctors all over the country need to step up and do what they can to take his place.   Women’s health in this country deserve no less.

– David S. Cohen

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