Of Pigs’ Feet and Precedent…

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Will Judge Sotomayor’s love of Puerto Rican food cause her to rule against white, male firefighters (for instance)?  Thoughts from the increasingly desperate Republican party here.
–Leigh Goodmark

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3 Responses to Of Pigs’ Feet and Precedent…

  1. Ann Bartow says:

    Leigh, this is both funny and not funny…

  2. lgoodmark says:

    I know. Horrifying the lengths that they’ll go to, and I think they’re serious. And nobody asked about John Roberts’ love of white bread.

  3. efink says:

    It is so difficult to pick the most meshugana criticism of Sotomayor, but this is certainly a strong candidate. Oh how I wish there were a Puerto Rican restaurant within driving distance of Greensboro!

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