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Equality Now has just issued Women’s Action Update 12.4 / 27.2 Sex Tourism: Big Apple Oriental Tours Acquitted of State Criminal Charges:Federal Action Needed to Prosecute G.F Tours and other U.S.-Based Sex Tour Operators calling on the US Government to prosecute sex tour operators under federal law. The Action follows the disappointing acquittal in January 2009 of Big Apple Oriental Tours owners Norman Barabash and Douglas Allen under the previous New York State law on promoting prostitution. The Action urges the new Attorney General to clarify to all federal prosecutors that the Department of Justice policy is to prosecute U.S.-based sex tour operators beginning with Gunter Frentz, the owner/operator of G.F. Tours to ensure that the US does not condone sex tourism, which exploits and harms women, and very often children, and supports a multi-billion dollar industry in human trafficking.

… G.F. Tours openly advertises its sex tours online, and posted testimonials from previous G.F. sex tourists that clearly illustrated the purpose of the tour. One G.F. sex tourist explained,”for a 350 baht fee ($14), I could take her back to my hotel, f**k her all night…and tip her 1000 baht ($40) in the morning, or whenever I was done with her.”

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