Reading Writing on Writing Instead of Writing

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From Flashlight Worthy, a list of “10 Great Books on Writing” (here):  

Plus four others that seemed more appropriate for fiction writers than us law profs laboring mightily with summer research and writing.

I haven’t read any of these books other than Lamott’s, but if my “writer within” could be “freed” sooner rather than later, my draft might progress faster.  

-Bridget Crawford

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2 Responses to Reading Writing on Writing Instead of Writing

  1. Barbara Burke says:

    A wonderful book to add to this list is Carolyn Heilbrun’s Writing A Woman’s Life.

    I read Heilbrun’s work as an undergrad; but now as a law student I find her themes in many streams of feminist legal thought.

  2. efink says:

    I also recommend “Writing for Social Scientists” by Howard Becker (whose own work defies all the negative stereotypes that too often are true of sociological writing). Much of his advice is useful for academics in all fields.

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