Body of Eridania Rodriguez Recovered in Office Air Duct

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Eridania Rodriguez died at work.

The 46-year old woman was killed on Tuesday, July 7, 2009 during her evening custodial shift at 2 Rector Street in Lower Manhattan.  Her body was found Saturday stuffed into an air duct.  Her hands and mouth were bound with tape.

According to the NY Times (here), “Ms. Rodriguez’s family said she had been afraid of a former worker in the building who had been fired but kept returning.”

The American Institute on Domestic Violence reports here that approximately 1.7 million women are the object of workplace violence each year.  The leading cause of women’s death in the workplace?  Homicide.

Apparently, the videotapes from 2 Rector Street are inconclusive at this point.  So much for top security in buildings around Ground Zero and business centers across the country.

Eridania Rodriguez was killed at work.

Noone should have to risk her or his life to earn a living.

-Bridget Crawford

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