Rutgers Women’s Rights Law Reporter CFP: Women, Law and the Economy

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From the FLP mailbox, this CFP from the editors as the Women’s Rights Law Reporter at Rutgers Law – Newark:

Rutgers School of Law – Newark, Women’s Rights Law Reporter would like to introduce the topic of our Fall 2009 Symposium, occurring on Friday, November 13, 2009: Women, Law and the Economy: Where are We Today?

This symposium is focused on the recent downturn in our economy, and how our latest economic crisis has had an effect on women. We invite discussion on topics such as: women’s obstacles in the workplace; women’s current positions in our economic sphere; women’s ability to obtain loans for businesses, homes, or the like; the bailout and its effect on women; and finally, differing feminist perspectives on where the women of today are headed in the future in terms of this economy. This is a fairly broad topic, but our main concern is to answer the question: where has this recent economic crisis left women, and what legal battles might they may be facing in the future?

We invite proposals for articles, essays and book reviews in conjunction with this symposium topic, however, such proposals are not required for participation in this event. Also, publication of any article, essay or book review is subject to the quality of the piece, and is within the sole discretion of our editors.

We welcome brief submissions of 250 words or less as to what issues you would be able to speak on concerning our Fall 2009 Symposium. I expect to get back to potential speakers as soon as possible, as this event if fast approaching. Please feel free to contact Christine Burke, Symposium Editor (burke.christine5 [at]

-Bridget Crawford

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