CFP: Wagadu Journal Issue on Sexual Violence and Armed Conflict

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From the FLP mailbox, this CFP from Professor Tonia St. Germain at Eastern Oregon:

Wagadu, a Journal of Transnational Women’s and Gender Studies, invites papers for a special issue on gender and law and have selected sexual violence and armed conflict as the topic.

Sexual violence has been a part of conflict since warfare began but research and scholarship have only recently begun to uncover its extent and complexity. Over the last twenty years, there is growing recognition in international human rights law and international criminal law scholarship of the state’s role in responding to wartime sexual violence. Legal scholarship joined ranks with the humanities and social sciences from around the world to interrogate how sexual violence has been executed, acknowledged, and addressed during armed conflict, genocides, massacres, and complex emergencies. While studies of sexual violence in conflict have largely focused on women and children as victims, sexual abuse of men and its effects are important, especially their roles as soldiers, prisoners, significant others, and family members of those who have been directly violated. In addition, children born as a result of wartime rape have been overlooked in the research. We seek submissions addressing wartime sexual violence during and after conflict situation directed toward:

* women and/or men
* children, including those born as a result of wartime rape
* heterosexual relationships/family groups
* lesbian, gay, bisexual and trtransgenderedelationships/family groups

Papers from any geographic area of the developing world are welcome.

Sexual violence in armed conflict might include, but is not limited to, analysis of the following topics:

* international criminal law and its institutions
* international tribunal case law
* international humanitarian law and its institutions
* treaties, conventions, resolutions, declarations and guidelines, promulgated by either the United Nations or a regional human rights body
* specific UN enforcement bodies, specialized agencies, committees or special rapporteur’s monitoring human rights
* reports and complaints about human rights violations by non-governmental organizations (NGOsNGOs individuals
* human trafficking and sexual slavery in armed conflicts
* obligations of states that ratify a human rights treaties
* national law enforcement, judicial, prosprosecutorial medical response
* models for legislative and policy reform
* successes and failures of laws and protocols
* unintended negative effects of law or policy on survivors of sexual violence
* social traditions and religious beliefs impact on law formation and practice
* human rights of women and obligations of national government to protect and promote such rights

Papers will be peer reviewed anonymously. Papers should be between 3,000-5,000 words excluding notes and bibliography. Eight to ten papers will be selected for publication. Completed papers submission date is December 15, 2009. Publication date is set for summer 2010.

Please send abstracts (250 words maximum) by October 1, 2009.   Submissions should be sent electronically in APA format to the Wagadu site (please register as”author”).

More information is available here or contact Professor Tonia St. Germain,

-Bridget Crawford

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