Inciting harassment can be costly.

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Check out this settlement:

Mid-Trial Settlement for Derogatory Comments by Shock Jocks- $1,000,000.00

Settlement: $1,000,000.00 after three days of trial

Caption: Athena Anddrinkopoulis v. Defendant (No Response)

Judge: Hon. John Egan, JSC

Date of Settlement: 12/6/07

Plaintiff’s Attorney: Daniel Centi, Esq. of Feeney, Centi & Mackey

Defense Attorneys: No response from Defense Counsel

Facts: When she was 2.5 years old, Plaintiff was burned over 80% of her body in an accident at home. She had undergone over 50 surgeries and still has severe facial scarring and loss of the fingers on her left hand. On February 14th, 2006, a disc jockey, and agent of the Defendant, ate dinner at the Redwood Diner in Rotterdam, where the now 24 year-old Plaintiff worked as a Hostess. The following day the disc jockey, and a fellow disc jockey, discussed Plaintiff at various times during their four hour show – devoting approximately 30 minutes to the subject. During this time, amidst other derogatory comments, they referred to Plaintiff as”Susie Burns”and”Bernadette Flames”. They also described Plaintiff as a”freak”and urged the public to visit the diner to see the”freak show.” Plaintiff commenced suit for intentional infliction of severe emotional distress.

Injuries: The Plaintiff claimed that, as a result of the Defendants’ actions and words, she became severely depressed, lost 14 pounds in two weeks, treated with a psychiatrist and a psychologist, and found it difficult to leave her home- which resulted in her career being put on hold.

–Ann Bartow

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