The Gloria Anzaldúa Reader Published

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Duke University Press has released The Gloria Anzaldúa  Reader, edited by AnaLouise Keating (Women’s Studies, Texas Woman’s Univeristy).  Here is the description from the Duke U. Press website:

Born in the Río Grande Valley of south Texas, independent scholar and creative writer Gloria Anzaldúa was an internationally acclaimed cultural theorist. As the author of  Borderlands / La Frontera: The New Mestiza, Anzaldúa played a major role in shaping contemporary Chicano/a and lesbian/queer theories and identities. As an editor of three anthologies, including the groundbreaking  This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color, she played an equally vital role in developing an inclusionary, multicultural feminist movement.  * * *This newly available work offers fresh insights into crucial aspects of Anzaldúa’s life and career, including her upbringing, education, teaching experiences, writing practice and aesthetics, lifelong health struggles, and interest in visual art, as well as her theories of disability, multiculturalism, pedagogy, and spiritual activism. The pieces are arranged chronologically; each one is preceded by a brief introduction. The collection includes a glossary of Anzaldúa’s key terms and concepts, a timeline of her life, primary and secondary bibliographies, and a detailed index.

The full blurb is available here.

Professor Keating has done the academy a great service with this book, as many of Anzaldúa’s works had gone out of print.

-Bridget Crawford

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