Request for Information about Institutional Support for Feminist Legal Theory

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For an essay I’m writing on the political economy of feminist legal theory, I’m interested in knowing about ongoing   institutional support in law schools for developing and disseminating feminist legal theory, whether aimed at students, faculty or practitioners.   I’m particularly interested in any organized centers or institutes for feminist legal theory.     Martha Fineman‘s excellent work in nurturing the longstanding Feminism and Legal Theory Project  (Emory) is of course a leading example; and I know that University of Baltimore Law has the Center on Applied Feminism, and that more specialized centers exist such as the Worklife Law Center at UC Hastings.    What others are out there?   What kinds of resources do they get and offer:  Fellowships for faculty or students? Conference funding?   Research funding? Full time administrative support?  Training for lawyers, judges, policymakers?   Support for disseminating research?

I’m particularly interested in contrasting the pervasiveness, reach, and resources of law and economics centers with those focusing on feminist legal theory – and also the extent to which women and feminism are largely absent from those law and economics centers.

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-Martha McCluskey

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